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Designs by Gladys Alexander

"ALONA" Black Jasper - Filigree Hammered Heart Plated Metal

"ALONA" Black Jasper - Filigree Hammered Heart Plated Metal

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Design Collection: Queen Of Hearts 

Material: Black Jasper

Filigree Hammered Heart Plated Metal 

Size Beads: 8 mm


Jasper is a mineral that can occur almost anywhere and appears in a wide variety of forms. The different markings found on these varied representatives of Jasper have led to

Black Jasper is a highly protective stone and brings good luck into your life.
Black Jasper will ease stomach disorders. This stone is good for pain relief in hips and knees due to arthritis and rheumatism.

Helps you set boundaries to prevent over-identification with other peoples lives and problems. 
It is helpful for those who are undecided whether to continue on with a relationship that has hit a bad patch.

Jasper balances yin and yang elements.


* Natural Stones by Gladys Alexander  does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.
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