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Designed by Gladys Alexander

"ARELI" Genuine Picasso Jasper Gemstone with Filled Gold Bead

"ARELI" Genuine Picasso Jasper Gemstone with Filled Gold Bead

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Design Collection: Queen Of Hearts 

UNISEX 1 Pc Bracelet 

Material: Natural Frosted Unpolished Gemstone

Genuine Picasso Stone 8 mm 


Each stone is a masterpiece of the Creator, bold and primitive in style, solid and earthy in form, with a warm, harmonious energy that resonates with the primal self.

Connecting with Earth’s consciousness. An excellent stone for creative vision, initiative and boosting confidence, it is an ideal aid for starting one’s own business.

It has a strong grounding and calming quality that helps to encourage strength and self-discipline.

In physical healing, Picasso Jasper is useful for eye problems and can promote weight-loss.


* Natural Stones by Gladys Alexander  does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.
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