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Designs by Gladys Alexander

'EARTHY' Stainless Steel Hematite Natural Gemstone

'EARTHY' Stainless Steel Hematite Natural Gemstone

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Handmade Bracelets

Includes One Bracelet 

Item Design Collection: EARTHY 

Material : Hemtite Stone 

10 mm Beads 

Metal Stainless Steel Spacer - European Charm Bracelet 

Silver 8mm 


Magnetic Hematite Weight Loss  Bracelet is made using authentic magnetic hematite gemstones. The hematite gemstones have been used by different cultures for alternative healing purposes for centuries. The bracelet helps you lose weight by creating a magnetic field that will help improve your internal circulation.

This stone’s energy is earthy, and it is one of the best stones that you can use to harness the power of the element of earth to lend you strength and dispel negativity.

Calms in times of stress or worry.

When found in nature, it will be rough and red, but once polished, it takes on a beautiful, mirror-like sheen, dark-coloured stone found all over the world. Made mainly of iron, which gives it its metallic sheen.

Beautiful Natural Color which makes it extremely popular in semi-precious jewelry.

NASA's Mars Opportunity rover discovered some interesting gray spheres on the surface of Mars. Upon close examination they concluded that they were rich in the mineral hematite.


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Photo: by Gladys Alexander Photography © 2018
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