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Designs by Gladys Alexander

"SHIRI" Sodalite Gemstone with Plated Silver Heart Mini Charm

"SHIRI" Sodalite Gemstone with Plated Silver Heart Mini Charm

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Handmade Bracelets 

Includes 1 Bracelet 

Item Design Collection: Queen Of Hearts 

Material :  Crystal, Mineral, SodaliteSodalite Semi Precious Beads 

Bead Size 10 mm 

Plated Silver Mini Heart Charm 


Known as the Strength and Confidence

Sodalite helps us communicate in an honest and constructive manner.

It promotes peace and harmony and stimulates endurance. It is a well known stone to help relieve insomnia. Sunset sodalite will help to bring calm to your mind.

Astrological sign: cancer and sagittarius
Chakra: throat, third eye and solar plexus.


* Natural Stones by Gladys Alexander  does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.
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